Saturday, June 17, 2017

Swamp Sleuth Saturday: Surf Gator Special Edition

This photo was taken today, 17-6-17, near the South Brunswick Islands of NC. The anonymous submitter swears it shows a creature dangerously close to the physical description of the dreaded Surf Gator that is making its monstrous way up from Florida.
Is it the Beast or some other diabolical menace?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Swamp Sleuth Saturday #8

Below is a letter we received two years ago. This is the first time we have publicly shared the tale. Names have been changed to protect identities. 

“Hi SGL Blog,
            My name is Rick and I live in Brunswick County, NC. Last night my son, Peter, was riding a four wheeler around the edges of our property, when he came across a small furry animal that smelled like mildew and rotten eggs. This happened around 8:45pm and the thing seemed to be out of breath from running through our woods. Pete told me the thing looked at him straight in the eyes for 10 seconds and then bolted towards the marsh on the other side of the highway. What really creeped Pete out was the thing’s eyes. He said they were red mostly, but had two different shades of red it seemed like. As far as he could tell it seemed to him that a large darker red went around the outer part of the eye, and then towards the middle was a lighter red circle that glowed brightly. Did he see one of them Swamp Goats you guys are always looking for?

Note from SGL Team:  Rick has seen this creature two times himself, since originally writing this letter. After conferring with him during several interviews, we can agree on that he saw something out of the ordinary, and his son mostly likely saw the same thing. Whatever it is, it does not seem to be dangerous to people, but should be avoided.